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Building a competent structure and semantics of the site

User convenience. If the structure is not designed correctly and the navigation is inconvenient for searching, then a person will not stay on the site for long and will move on to another; visibility of a web resource in search. When developing the project architecture, it is necessary to analyze the placement of each section and subsection in order to do everything correctly, satisfying the needs of the user and responding to the requirements of search robots. Resource design also depends on the completeness of the semantics. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to collect the, which will help determine what categories and subcategories will be on the site.

Semantics allows you to find out the number of pages for certain

Product characteristics (for example, color, size, manufacturer, etc.), as well as create Email Marketing List  a list of keywords that will be used in the names of subcategories or URLs. Content marketing the text should cover the needs of potential clients and answer their requests. In addition, updating the site’s content is a necessary condition for its successful promotion. Incorrect and outdated information misleads visitors and creates a negative impression. Search engines consider freshness as one of the factors when determining a site’s relevance. For this reason, you should try to keep any data on the web resource up to date, be it the .

Link profile development To effectively promote

A website, it is necessary to steadily build BA Leads  up the link mass and place backlinks. On trusted domains with high Domain Rating and Ahrefs Rank. Since the resource is new, you should start with non-anchor links and use branded anchors. Further, with a gradual increase in the link mass, it is worth adding anchor links for priority keywords. Identified problems and weaknesses of the client . At the start of work on the project, as a result of a comprehensive audit, the following problems were identified. Incorrect display of the site map. low loading speed of the mobile version; problems with page indexing, presence of duplicates; incorrect configuration of different language versions of the resource; lack of text on some promoted landing pages; low-quality donor domains. 

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