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Google Adsense revenue calculation and ways

Making money with Google Adsense has become very popular in the circle of senior bloggers. This site also runs Google Adsense ads. which are automatically bille every month. I once share on this site ” Enable Adsense automatic ad profit o (https://www de job to make money. If you are familiar with the Google system. you can refer to this article to start the multi-channel money-making model ” Google’s blog money-making model and common strategies”. 1.  income calculation method is an advertising revenue model base on clicks and impressions per thousand (CPM).

Advertisers pay Google AdSense

And bloggers or websites distribute revenue base on clicks and impressions. The following is the revenue calculation formula of Google AdSense: Total revenue = number of clicks x average CPC + number of impressions x CPM / 1000 Among them. “average cost-per-click” refers to the Decision Maker Email List average cost for an advertiser to. Google AdSense click an advertisement. and “cost-per-thousand impressions” refers to the cost earne per 1.000 ad impressions. In this formula. your ad will cost more per click. so increasing your CTR will help increase your revenue. 2. How to increase Google AdSense revenue 1. Increase website traffic Website traffic is one of the important factors of Google AdSense revenue.

Increasing website traffic requires

Optimizing SEO (search engine optimization) to attract more target users by optimizing the keywords and rankings of the website. In addition. high-quality content is also an important factor in attracting visitors. 2. Optimize ad position and size The selection of ad slots and the BA Leads reasonable matching of sizes have a great impact on. revenue. Ads should be place in the most prominent location on the page. usually at the top or left side of the page. In addition. appropriate ad size is also important. For example. the ad size should adapt to the text size and line spacing. so that it is easier to attract the user’s attention. 3. Supplement website content Google AdSense ads are usually relate to website content. Therefore. increasing website content can attract more advertising resources and increase advertising revenue. At the same time. suitable content can also attract more visiting users.