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New online shopping scam

I believe that 9 out of 10 modern people have the habit of online shopping because it is convenient. Don’t tell me you haven’t tried it!

Online shopping always involves certain risks, so the general perception is that when shopping online, you should choose COD (Cash On Delivery) , which means you only pay when the goods are delivered. This way you won’t be cheated, right?

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It may have worked in the past, but Belize Phone Number List now scammers have leveled up. They take advantage of consumers’ mentality and come up with new tricks to commit fraud!

Phone Number List

Netizen Toh recently posted on

Facebook that at around 8pm on June 4, someone rang the doorbell outside her house and said they wanted to Vietnam Phone Number List deliver something. At the time, she felt very strange that someone would deliver something so late.

“I asked the staff and he said there were too many deliveries today, so it was so late. I looked at the package and found it very strange because I haven’t shopped online recently, and I paid cash on delivery.