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Work remotely with TeleCube telephony

#workfromhome, #homeoffice, #stayathome, #remotework are hashtags that have been appearing in many posts and articles in recent days. There is nothing strange about it . The current situation has caused many companies (including ours) to switch from office work to remote work. In order to help entrepreneurs prepare the right workstations as best as possible, especially for employees who contact customers, we present TeleCube options dedicated to remote work.

Telephone workstation in remote option, in a few hours or even minutes
TeleCube telephony enables quick and relatively easy preparation of a work station for people who are to make phone calls. The location is not important in this case, but it is important that the person has:

Internet access we also offer options without this requirement

Suitable equipment . For example: computer, laptop with headphones and VoIP application (e.g. free TeleCube SIP ), mobile phone with VoIP application (e.g. free Grandstream Wave).
With the above devices you will be able to continue using your TeleCube telephone number, even if you have previously used it on VoIP phones or analog phones with a VoIP gateway and there is Binance Database no possibility of transferring this equipment to your home. In TeleCube, the telephone number is always with you and adapts to your working conditions.

Not yet using TeleCube and have numbers with another operator?

We offer solutions for companies Bulgaria Phone Number List that are just planning to become TeleCube Clients and have their own numbers and equipment that is difficult to implement in remote work (e.g. traditional, analogue telephones). Therefore, if you intend to start cooperation with TeleCube, first of all we will ask you to register for a trial period of one of the TeleCube Virtual Exchange packages ( update 08.02.2022 > Promotion: Remote Promotion” take advantage of the Promotion , try TeleCube for 14 days and receive a 15% discount ). Once you do this, we will offer you several options, for example:

call forwarding to external numbers (numbers outside the TeleCube network),
use of TeleCube landline numbers, which you will receive immediately,
setting up connections via SMS (e.g. your employees and customers).
We will also offer to transfer your landline numbers to TeleCube (we will handle the formalities for you). Thanks to this, after the migration process is completed, you will be able to use your numbers also within the framework of new, remote work stations. Without the need to use the forwarding option.