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Site geography in Yandex. Webmaster

In this section of Yandex.Webmaster, you can set the geographic location Site geography of the site, which is important when ranking the site and searching for a specific region.

To add a region, the site nes to write the region in the appropriate line and the address of the page that can confirm it ( for example, the contact page ).

Yandex will process the receiv information and, if the region is set correctly, will assign the requir region to the site.

Addresses and organizations

This section is design to add addresses to Yandex.Webmaster. When add to Webmaster, it will be automatically Ebay Data add to Yandex.Directory .
To add, click the “Add organization” button.

After that, a page for checking the organization in the Directory appears, where we enter the name of the organization and its address.

We click the find button, the check is perform and we are given a message whether such an organization is in the .


If you are told that the organization was not found, click on the link. Add a new organization”.

Fill in all the fields and move on to the next step.

Here we select 3 types of organization activities.

After that, we select the priority and enter the captcha.

After moderation

The address will be Afghanistan Phone Number List add to Yandex. Webmaster and Yandex. Directory.

A video, as per tradition, where everything describ above is demonstrat using fingers.

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8 Examples of Italian Women Leaders Dominating Today’s Fashion Industry

In the fashion industry, women occupy a lower percentage of senior positions than men, yet their impact is undeniably high. According to Nextail’s research, ” Fashion Newest CEO’s report “, in 2020 female leadership in the apparel sector increased by 95% . These are visionary and bold entrepreneurs, inspiring models for millions of young girls, women leaders who are the protagonists of the great change that the fashion industry has undergone in the last year.

Each woman leads and interprets

This change according to her own personal approach, but they all have a common trait: they question BTC Users Number Data established structures and roles, and give priority to financial and social independence, for themselves and for the companies they have started or for which they hold significant roles.

In this article we analyze the profiles of 8 Italian women leaders in the fashion industry today, briefly retracing their history and what brought them to success.




Maria Grazia Chiuri
Miuccia Prada
Donatella Versace
Francesca Bellettini
Silvia Venturini Fendi
Margherita Missoni
Ludivine Pont
Chiara Ferragni
Maria Grazia Chiuri
Born in Rome in 1964. After finishing her studies, Maria Grazia Chiuri took her first steps in the accessories department of Fendi. After 10 years of work at Fendi, she was called by

Valentino to continue working on Vietnam Phone Number List accessories and the Red Valentino line. Thanks to the incredible work for the relaunch of the brand, in 2008 she became co-creative director of the brand together with Pier

Paolo Piccioli.

In her new role, she contributed to relaunching the company with the haute couture, ready-to-wear and accessories collections.

But the real turning point in her amazing career came in 2016, when she became the first female artistic director of Dior and revolutionized the vision of the maison.

Maria Grazia Chiuri was the first Italian female designer to receive the Legion of Honor from French minister Marlène Schiappa .


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Tools and Tactics for Acquiring Customer Contact Information

crappy content will get you ignore. Great content can bring you conversions. When people check email on their phones. They dont want to be bombarde with promotions.


Offers. Or emails that they dont understand or understand. In email marketing. The quality of your content is what drives engagement and ultimately conversions. Why Quality content solves problems. Not just sells. No one wants to feel like theyre being hard-sold. Best-in-class content solves your audiences pain points. Provides practical solutions.


 And delivers valuable information

This builds trust and shows you understand their nees. Not just your bottom line. High-quality content is engaging. Informative. And even entertaining. It uses storytelling. Data-driven insights. And an engaging writing style to engage Chinese Australia readers and leave them wanting more. Great content doesnt disappear in your inbox.

People share it with friends. Colleagues. And social meia followers. This anic reach can  Denmark Phone Number List amplify your message and bring you new leads. All thanks to the killer content you create.  – email timing is everything send emails at the perfect time its not a magic moment or a lucky day for your audience. Tools and Tactics for Acquiring


 This is strategic positioning base

on data and understanding your audiences habits. Fet vague concepts like Golden hour or Morning sunshine. sending at the right time can cause your email to sink into the abyss of unread messages or spark interest and clicks. How to do it First. You nee to know your audience. Age. Tools and Tactics for Acquiring


Location and working hours play a crucial role. Targeting -something freelancers in tokyo at am est is not going to work. Second. Analyze your audiences email habits. Analyze open rates and clicks over time. Do they prefer mornings. Evenings or weekends Which is better. Weekdays or thursdays View open and click-through rates by day and hour. Tools and Tactics for Acquiring


Look for patterns and peak engagement periods. If your audience spans multiple time zones. Scheule your sends base on their local time. Not yours. Even within the same country. Time zones can cause fatigue. If your audience is large and widespread. Consider sending multiple versions of your email at different times of the day. Tools and Tactics for Acquiring


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Work remotely with TeleCube telephony

#workfromhome, #homeoffice, #stayathome, #remotework are hashtags that have been appearing in many posts and articles in recent days. There is nothing strange about it . The current situation has caused many companies (including ours) to switch from office work to remote work. In order to help entrepreneurs prepare the right workstations as best as possible, especially for employees who contact customers, we present TeleCube options dedicated to remote work.

Telephone workstation in remote option, in a few hours or even minutes
TeleCube telephony enables quick and relatively easy preparation of a work station for people who are to make phone calls. The location is not important in this case, but it is important that the person has:

Internet access we also offer options without this requirement

Suitable equipment . For example: computer, laptop with headphones and VoIP application (e.g. free TeleCube SIP ), mobile phone with VoIP application (e.g. free Grandstream Wave).
With the above devices you will be able to continue using your TeleCube telephone number, even if you have previously used it on VoIP phones or analog phones with a VoIP gateway and there is Binance Database no possibility of transferring this equipment to your home. In TeleCube, the telephone number is always with you and adapts to your working conditions.

Not yet using TeleCube and have numbers with another operator?

We offer solutions for companies Bulgaria Phone Number List that are just planning to become TeleCube Clients and have their own numbers and equipment that is difficult to implement in remote work (e.g. traditional, analogue telephones). Therefore, if you intend to start cooperation with TeleCube, first of all we will ask you to register for a trial period of one of the TeleCube Virtual Exchange packages ( update 08.02.2022 > Promotion: Remote Promotion” take advantage of the Promotion , try TeleCube for 14 days and receive a 15% discount ). Once you do this, we will offer you several options, for example:

call forwarding to external numbers (numbers outside the TeleCube network),
use of TeleCube landline numbers, which you will receive immediately,
setting up connections via SMS (e.g. your employees and customers).
We will also offer to transfer your landline numbers to TeleCube (we will handle the formalities for you). Thanks to this, after the migration process is completed, you will be able to use your numbers also within the framework of new, remote work stations. Without the need to use the forwarding option.


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Can gmail ads get even more annoying?

Gmail is putting ads right in the middle of users’ inboxes. Of course. We all know that google makes money from ads. Which is why gmail is free. But is it worth being bombarde with ads in your personal inbox? Why stoop so low to escape gmail ads when you can migrate to tutanota?

Imagine scrolling through your inbox. Trying to find an important email. Only to be interrupte by intrusive ads scattere between messages. This frustrating experience is a reality for gmail users. As ads in the middle of the inbox disrupt the flow of communication. While workarounds for ad blocking exist. And people have been exchanging helpful tips on forums . The easiest and most effective solution is to switch to an ad-free email provider like tutanota . Let’s take a deep dive into why inbox ads are such a nuisance. And why it’s time to embrace a more seamless and distraction-free email experience.

Gmail inbox ads are intrusive and annoying

Email is an essential communication tool. Both personally and professionally. However. Inserting ads into your inbox defeats the purpose of email and hinders productivity.

Here are a few reasons why ads Betting Data in your inbox are a bad idea:

Interruptions and distractions : ads that randomly appear in the middle of your inbox disrupt your workflow and draw attention away from the task at hand. Instead of focusing on important emails. You find yourself interrupte by irrelevant and often intrusive ads.

Lack of relevance : inbox ads are often base on algorithms and data mining. Attempting to target users through personalize content. However. This approach often results in ads that are not relevant to the user’s nees or interests. Causing frustration.

Concerns about privacy : the presence of targete ads raises concerns about user privacy. Scanning emails and personal information to deliver tailore ads compromises the confidentiality of communications and erodes trust between users and their email service providers. It’s even creepier when they appear to take into account information you’re not allowe to access. Like your location.

Data collection and user analysis

Google’s business model relies heavily on collecting user data to provide personalize services. And gmail is no exception.

When you use gmail. Google analyzes the content of your emails. Including the text. Attachments. And even the links you click. When you use gmail. Google analyzes the content of your emails. Including the text. Attachments. And even the links you click.

This data is combine with information from other google services and external sources to help build a comprehensive profile of each user. This profile is use to provide targete advertising tailore to your interests and preferences.

Targete advertising

One of the ways google monetizes gmail is by displaying targete ads in the interface. These ads are strategically place between your regular emails. Making them hard to ignore. They are  Vietnam Phone Number List carefully selecte base on information collecte about you. For example. If you frequently search for content relate to fitness or buy fitness-relate products. You may notice ads relate to fitness equipment or health products. This level of personalization is designe to increase the likelihood of ad engagement and conversions.

However. Tracking can also be more subtle — and a little scary: for example. If you meet a friend who just had a baby (and apparently searches for baby-relate things a lot). And both you and his android phone are turne on. You might see ads for baby gifts and similar items; even though you yourself have never searche for baby-relate things.

Privacy issues and user consent

While personalize ads may seem convenient. They raise significant privacy concerns. Gmail users may feel uneasy knowing that their private communications and even google calendar data are being scanne and analyze for advertising purposes. The contents of emails may reveal sensitive information . Such as personal conversations. Financial details. Or health-relate matters. Users may question the extent to which their privacy is being compromise and whether they agree to this practice when they signe up for gmail.

Data security and third-party access

Storing and processing large amounts of user data also poses security risks. While google assures users that their data is protecte. Data breaches can occur. Additionally. Concerns arise when third-party advertisers gain access to user data collecte by google. This data can be use for other purposes outside of the gmail platform. Potentially exposing users to more aggressive advertising practices or even data misuse.

Protect your privacy

For those who are concerne about their privacy. There are gmail alternatives that prioritize user privacy and data protection. Email providers like tutanota offer end-to-end encryption. Ensuring that only the intende recipient can read your emails or calendar appointments. These providers have strict privacy policies and do not scan users’ emails for targete ads. By choosing such providers. Users can regain control of their personal data and enjoy more peace of mind.

In addition to this. Privacy-first vendors have unite to get politicians to ban targete advertising . By switching to tutanota. You support the privacy movement. This will increase the likelihood of user profiling. Fueling the ad-base business model that google. Facebook. Amazon and other big tech companies rely on will end.

There are many reasons to quit gmail for free encrypte email. For instance no ads!

In conclusion

While gmail provides a convenient and feature-rich email experience. The presence of targete ads between emails has raise privacy concerns and severely impacte the user experience.

The data collection methods google uses to serve these ads are extensive and rely on analyzing the contents of people’s emails. This level of personalization comes at the expense of user privacy and raises questions about informe consent.

As individuals become more aware of their privacy rights. Exploring alternative. Ad-free email providers is essential to regaining control over personal information.

The snowden leaks may have bought us many years of privacy.


Eward snowden uncovere one of the worst surveillance scandals in u.S. History: he publishe how the nsa surveille its own citizens—in clear violation of the u.S. Constitution. The public backlash following this disclosure may have bought us a few years in the fight for privacy. Yet. Today governments around the world are pushing for more surveillance. This must stop!
In june 2013. Whistleblower eward snowden shocke the world with his unpreceente revelations of widespread surveillance programs operate by intelligence agencies. Such as prism and xkeyscore. While some consider the leaks an act of treason. It is important to recognize the profoundly positive impact they have had on western society. Snowden’s leaks serve as a wake-up call. Igniting an important debate about the balance between security and privacy. Promoting necessary reforms. And empowering individuals with knowlege.

The snowden leaks. One of the few conspiracy theories to be proven true. Were a catalyst for privacy and transparency. But was it a lasting success?

Ten years on. We have to look at how the whistleblower’s publications about nsa surveillance change our society. But also look at where we are today and what the challenges are that lie ahead of us.

Snowden leaks help protect privacy

All in all. One must conclude that the snowden leaks were a real catalyst for our right to privacy. Especially online. The leaks sparke interest in privacy-preserving applications like tor. Signal. And tutanota. All of these services would probably not exist today without eward snowden.

The leaks precipitate a rush of individuals and organizations to adopt encryption and privacy tools — a trend that was already underway at the time. But interest really took off after whistleblower eward snowden’s revelations. People became more concerne about their online privacy and sought ways to protect their digital communications. It was like a wake-up call.

While concerns about state surveillance. Particularly from russia and china. Remain mainstream today. Most people are more concerne about big tech surveillance when choosing a privacy-first app like tutanota. Threema. Or tor .

Cryptography expert matthew green wrote on twitter :

“If snowden hadn’t come along in 2013. I don’t know how deep we’d be in this mess with the ‘force scan encrypte messages’ app today. I think it probably bought us a few years.”

“Ironically. It also buys a few years for content scanning systems to get potentially smarter (and scarier) thanks to advances in ai/ml. I think the delay is helpful because it helps us see how powerful these systems will quickly become.”

“I still wish some ai safety

ethics experts would talk more about how important the law enforcement/surveillance capabilities of these systems are. And what these new content scanning laws might mean.”

Green has hinte at the “Mess” we’re in today: chat control . Chat control is a draft eu law that wants to make client-side scanning of chat and email messages mandatory across the eu to combat child abuse and terrorism. However. The pushback against client-side scanning in the eu has been huge.

We. As an email service.

Analyse what crimes were investigate with the telecommunications surveillance orders. The conclusion is: it is not about protecting children. The eu’s state justification for automate csam scanning is simply being use to sway public opinion in their direction.

Unfortunately. It’s not just chat control. The uk’s online safety act and the us’s lawful access to encrypte data act and earn it act are two other alarming examples of democratic governments trying to advance surveillance and weaken encryption.