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5 ways to use Google Analytics to improve your conversion rate

Google Analytics is an essential tool for any website. It doesn’t matter if you manage an ecommerce , if you want to increase the sales of your business or if you own a small business and need to attract new customers through your web channel: this analytical platform will allow you to stay up to date on the demographics of your users, their behavior5 ways to use Google Analytics to improve your conversion rate online and areas of improvement for your site. 5 ways to use Google Analytics to improve your conversion rate If you are starting out in the world of web analytics, at Suma Thinking Digital we explain 5 ways to use Google Analytics data to improve your business.emailing or to optimize our content and, in turn, meet the objective of offering a better interface on product pages.

Segment by channel type

By analyzing data segmented by channel you can really begin to understand which marketing investments are working best. For example, we can detect that users who come from Google Adwords ads have a lower conversion rate than those who Country Email List enter our website organically. This is a clear indication that our paid campaigns are not well implemented and that we should review and optimize them.

Examine the performance of each page

Here we have a multitude of data such as the bounce rate, the pages visited per session, the average time of each session or the sales of each visitor according to the entry page. For example, if we look at the data of the pages on our website that have high levels of traffic and high bounce rates, we can obtain valuable information to identify possible design errors, adapt BA Leads certain non-optimized content and, in general, review the experience. of the user who accesses our site. 3. Review product performance Identifying which products are the most popular within our ecommerce, analyzing the bounce rate of some categories of services or, for example, checking the interaction of users with a clothing or footwear sizing system provides us with essential information to prepare our campaigns.

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