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Emotional intelligence, why it is so important at work

Nowadays, companies not only seek to find highly qualified professionals. Who have sufficient technical knowledge required by the job. But a very important factor is the ability of people to communicate and adapt within the work environment. Daniel Goleman, American psychologist, journalist and writer, was one of the first people to define emotional intelligence as. The ability to recognize our own feelings and those of others, to motivate ourselves and to appropriately manage relationships . In his book on Emotional Intelligence. Goleman mentions that seems to contribute only  of the determining factors of success and emotional intelligence represents of success in life.

How emotional intelligence helps at work

Many problems can arise at work when carrying out day to day activities. Stress , tension to achieve objectives and trying to maintain. An optimal work environment can lead us to periods of crisis or despair. Therefore, emotional intelligence at work will be of Fax Lists great help to know how to deal with and manage these situations that may arise. Emotional intelligence plays. A very important role within organizations. Workers with high emotional intelligence have the ability to understand motivate. Help their colleagues and better manage crisis or conflict management. Which leads to them having better work relationships and your productivity is increased.

The five components of emotional intelligence

Daniel Goleman in his book Emotional Intelligence explains the pillars that make it up. By knowing more about these five points, and team leaders will be able to integrate into their work projects. Self knowledge. Knowing how to decipher BA Leads who you are will allow you to identify the fears, feelings and emotions that you have , knowing them will make it easier for you to control and express them appropriately. Furthermore, knowing our own emotions will greatly influence the care of our mental health. Self-control. Another of the main components of emotional intelligence is self control . Within the work environment, situations may arise where it is difficult for you to maintain optimal management of emotions thoughts and feelings.

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