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Researchers develop plastic based on potato starch

A group of researchers from the University of Alicante  a water-soluble plastic material  on potato starch, which will soon be  into the market through Solublion, an EBT (Technology Company) of the to the Alicante Science Park. . This new material is also compostable and biodegradable, is ideal for use as a flexible film , preferably in bags and packaging, and has great advantages in relation to existing materials. The development of president and CEO of Solublion , which reveals the intention that this new material contributes to mitigating the impact the mismanagement of conventional plastic waste.

Environmentally friendly plastic

Well, this plastic does not generate an environmental problem at the end of its useful life in the case in which, due to poor waste management , it ends up in natural ecosystems. In this sense, Domene López explains that before the pandemic, it is  that 370 million tons of plastic materials were worldwide. A figure that they estimate may  million in the coming years due to the increase in single-use packaging and materials. Of all of them, before the pandemic, only two million were biodegradable plastics, and the estimate suggests that by the end of this decade there will already be 8 million tons of biodegradable plastics consumers. The plastic  Telegram Database  the Waste, Energy, Environment and Nanotechnology . Research group has high stability and a low migration rate.

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Product benefits

This solution is at its use in the packaging industry and single-use plastic products, as a direct replacement for conventional alternatives. Our BA Leads   technology allows us to offer a wide variety of mechanical features, allowing our products to be  to customer  explains Ignacio Martín, professor of Chemical Engineering. potato-starch The water-soluble plastic material on potato starch is ideal for use as packaging. Photo produces a decrease in its properties. Finally, with the technology developed in the group, this migration is largely extending the useful life of these materials without prejudice to their mechanical properties, biodegradability, compostability and water solubility.

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