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The Menu metric measures the number of people

Calls Messages The Messages section is for businesses that have turned on their GBP’s Messages/Chat feature. This metric shows how many messages have been sent from your Business Profile. Messages.png There’s also a section that shows how you are performing at responding to chat messages you receive. The message response rate shows how many messages you responded to. The average response time shows how quickly you responded to your messages. Remember, you should strive to reply to messages you receive within 24 hours – or else Google could take the Messaging feature away from you! Chat performance Bookings Bookings measure the number of completed bookings by customers.

To get data for this metric

you must set up bookings through a Google provider. You won’t get tracking data if you enter another booking software URL into your GBP listing (e.g., Calendly). Restaurant booking is another quirky insight that can be inaccurate depending on how you have your bookings set up. For instance, if you’re using. The Menu metric measures DB to Data the number of people a booking app but require that people put a deposit down to reserve a table, GBP restaurant booking insights won’t track that reservation booking because the searcher is going outside of GBP to enter their credit card information. So, depending on your situation, the Booking insights may not be accurate. Bookings Screenshot by Tim Capper Directions.

The Directions performance metric shows everyone

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Who used your Google Business Profile to get directions to your business location. Note that if you are a service area business (SAB) and do not show your physical location in your GBP listing, you will not see this option in the Performance section. Directions Menu The Menu metric measures the BA Leads number of people who viewed your restaurant’s menu content. Menu content includes detailed dish information, menu photos and the menu link on your Business Profile. Menu views Screenshot by Claudia Tomina Food orders The Food orders metric represents the number of orders placed for pickup or delivery directly from your Google Business Profile using an “Order with Google” provider.

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