This story comes down to turning a “weakness” into a strength. Most of my English tests in high school weren’t adorned with those coveted. A grades because timed exams to test reading comprehension didn’t fit my reading style. I read text passages slowly, studied each word carefully. Analyzed how the writer could have presented his or her message more clearly. Not unlike the actions a writer takes when proofreading. It’s no surprise I’d run out of time before I finished every question. It’s okay, 16-year-old Stefanie. The future looks bright for you. My poor test scores could have convinced me that the English language and reading comprehension were my weaknesses, but instead.

An Unlikely Place for Content Editors

I turned my way of reading into a career. Enjoyable content” sounds a bit weak, doesn’t it? It’s less serious than “effective content” or “content that produces business results.” But enjoyable content is a prerequisite if you want your content to be effective. Editors produce the right content experiences with refined messages that help meet their business blogging goals. For example, I enjoy painting, but I don’t always have time to paint Job Function Email Database on canvas, so I frequently paint my nails. It’s relatively quick. I get to display my work every day for as long as the manicure lasts. Essie is one of my favorite nail polish brand and the company’s YouTube channel has a collection of nail art tutorials. To communicate a persuasive message.

Content Editors Produce Enjoyable

Each concise video required a focused vision and intentional refining. Every aspect of these videos also form a seamless call to action. The instructive lessons make you want to buy the products used in the tutorials. So you can try the looks yourself (see below for an example). That is enjoyable content for a nail polish lover. I watched a number of Essie tutorials while researching this article and now have a long list of new BA Leads colors I’m going to buy. So, by now I’m sure you see there’s more to becoming a content editor than just aiming to produce error-free content. Let’s look at eight steps that professional content editors use during their content creation and production process. Your content marketing strategy begins with research.

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