How is Sarabande positioned compared to other more established tools in this area? Sarabande charges its services differently than other providers, which can be both a good and bad thing, depending on your needs. Rather than charging based on the number good application of subscribers (these are unlimited), they charge a minimum rate based on the number of emails sent per month .If you exceed this limit, you can purchase additional credits or upgrade to a higher plan. So it’s a bit difficult for us to compare prices with other tools. However, if we assume that you will only send one email per month to a relatively small list, Saracen is on the higher end of the pricing scale .

It becomes more profitable good application

when you send larger volumes , although in this case its prices are still average: the lowest plan, Essential, starts at month for up to Telegram Number Database emails; if you compare this price to Sendinblue cheapest plan , you’ll see that it’s not that affordable; An annual discount is also available for all plans. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to access their pricing information unless you sign up for their free trial, as they don’t display their prices openly, which is quite off-putting. Is Saracen the right newsletter service for you? Having a flexible and easy-to-use editor is also a big plus.

Furthermore, we do not recommend

Telegram Number Database

Sarabande if your email volumes vary from one month to another: by using Sarabande, you pay for a certain number of emails per month, which is different from the majority of other providers who charge based on your number of contacts. If your Baleads email volumes fluctuate, it’s best to opt for a tool that offers more predictable pricing , based on the number of subscribers.

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