The use of scene maps must be realistic

It must be able to enlarge to show the entire product. The product should account for about 85% of the overall picture. The best picture size is 1600*1600 pixels. 2. Present a three-dimensional effect instead of a flat effect. To achieve this effect, it is best to The use of place the picture at an angle when shooting. Please refer to the professional artist’s advice on how to place it.

Display what you sell

It must contain a scene map. and do not make wild guesses. 4. . If there are gifts, you can put them up to show  Phone Number List differentiation. Don’t display what you don’t sell. 5. Include picture selling points, and you can add small icons First, there must be a product representation diagram: Next is the product comparison chart: Usage scenario graph: Function diagram: Rendering: Dimensions: : : one picture, one selling point You can look at this picture, which perfectly illustrates the selling points of the product: Scenario maps increase buyers’ sense of involvement.

Characteristics of high-traffic headlines

Phone Number List

For many novice sellers, we have no way to contact professional photography to take pictures of our products, so we can use the one-click picture download function in the Seller Wizard to find our direct competing products, download their pictures, and then use the simple You can use the retouching tool to retouch the image. Take this  BA Leads product as an example: We open the Seller Elf homepage and download the plug-in: After downloading the image, we open amz123.

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