Spain .- The Little Buddha agency was in charge of . Redesigning the packaging of Cola Cero cocoa. The brand’s decision to redesign the packaging of its 0% add . Sugar version is fram in a context of changing . positioning towards a lifestyle. Where taking care of yourself is important, but enjoyment is key. In a line where 0% is associat . with diet and perceiv as an artificial option to the detriment of flavor. The key was to achieve a good balance between product communication (“no added sugars”) while transmitting maximum flavor. On the other hand, it was.

Strategy for packaging redesign

Important not to lose the link with current consumers, who are loyal to the brand and the product, while opening doors for new potential customers. Continue reading . The importance of good packaging design Over the years this brand has been consolidat and some very establish aspects (such as the Job Function Email Database logo, colors, bottom illustration), the key area of ​​action to be able to communicate the new positioning was the central Key Visual of “CERO”. Under this context, it was decided to eliminate the numerical “0%” with a percentage.

An effective result

with the aim of avoiding those graphic codes associated with the diet and restriction of a product without added sugars. Instead, the branding . Agency created a visual key with the word “ZERO”, which played with the iconic element of the cup. Accompani by the characteristic lumps of the brand, and an explosion of flavor transmitt . Through the BA Leads cocoa powder. The design has a strong emphasis on the concept of “ZERO” because it gains a lot of presence and becom the protagonist of the packaging , a self-explanatory visual.

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